Learn Chinese Characters

Learn Chinese Characters

Language-Ease lessons focus on spoken Chinese, but here are a handful of Chinese characters you might want to know in China.

Download a printable guide to top Chinese characters for your trip.

  • Restroom

    Chinese word for restroom
  • Women

    Chinese symbol for women
  • Men

    Chinese chracters for men
  • Exit

    Chinese word for exit
  • Tickets

    Chinese symbol for tickets
  • Closed

    Chinese chracters for closed
  • Open

    Chinese word for open
  • Bus

    Chinese chracters for bus
  • Taxi

    Chinese symbol for taxi
  • Train

    Chinese chracters for train
  • Information

    Chinese word for information
  • Doctor

    Chinese word for doctor
  • Hospital

    Chinese chracters for hospital
  • Police

    Chinese symbol for police
  • Market

    Chinese word for market
  • Restaurant

    Chinese symbol for restaurant
  • Bar

    Chinese chracters for bar
  • Internet Cafe

    Chinese symbol for Internet Cafe
  • Public Phone

    Chinese word for public phone
  • Antiques

    Chinese chracters for antiques